Classic gallery

You have multiple option when it comes to showcase your projects, but a grid based gallery is a classic usable option. You have full control over the no. of posts displayed per row, the titles, tags or categories used below each image or the post order of display.

Marine Dillard

Laurence Cordier

Noella Ngilinshuti Ntambara

Mama Bouras

Aline Le Berre

Fabien Orcier

David D’Aquaro

Laura Guitteny

Laurent Manzoni

Delphine Cogniard

Nicolas Daussy

Laurence Roy

Paola Cordova

Annie Ernaux

Charlotte Merlin

Alix Veillon

Pascale Deneu

Anne Rogeaux

Nelly Latour

Le Théâtre universitaire de Tours

Cassandre Boy